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Our Mission

The mission of The Forward Feeling is to provide ethical equine services to those who wish to ensure the lifelong welfare of their horse and/or wish to go on a transformative and fulfilling journey strengthening the horse/human bond. Here at That Forward Feeling we put the mental, physical, and spiritual well being of the horse on high priority. Many different methods of horsemanship may be employed; but more often than not methods of Classical Conditioning or Operant Conditioning are used. These are humane science based methods than encourage the horse to form good memories which results in an enthusiasm for tasks assigned by the handler.

Our History

Elise is 35 years old with 30 years of experience with horses. She began life as a pony taming bareback rider and migrated in to hunters, later attending Meredith Manor International Equine Centre and graduating in 2009 with a Riding Masters VI. She has experience with over 600 horses and specializes in cruelty free horsemanship. Her expertise extends to areas such as advanced groundwork, behavioral modification, starting young horses, jumping, and Dressage up to 4th level. In addition to demonstrating knowledge in areas of scientific horsemanship Elise is also well versed in the techniques of liberty training, natural horsemanship, and traditional methods of horse handling. She also holds a special place in her heart for trailer loading, XC, and trail courses. Elise has shown at 3rd level and had the privilege of riding or working with notable trainers such as Escipion Mendivil, Regula Lorenz, Jim Koford, Craig Stevens, and Jean Paul Pare. She considers herself a student of the horse, scientific equitation, and the practice of ethical reinforcement with a focus on problem solving.

Meet Our Staff

Elise Marie Weber