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What is this hocus pocus?

The techniques used at That Forward Feeling have been developed by Elise Weber based on knowledge accrued from 30 years of horse experience on over 600 horses. It engages world class methods and theory from Classical Dressage and Behavioral modification. Elise uses methods learned from her human and horse teachers to create a calmness based approach. Unlike most modern riding theory that is based on an aggressive dominance; at TFF we believe that dominance is established and maintained through calmness and creating a feeling of safety for the horse. Elise uses different methods but primarily employs the use of Positive Reinforcement. Positive reinforcement allows a handler to change the way a horse feels about a situation. We like this force free approach because the only true way to control horses; a flight animal with the largest amygdala in the world; is through controlling their mind. We also train for sanity, soundness, and the long term quality of life for the horse. No quick fixes found here.

More about our methods and how they work

"Horses are made of memories and emotions. It is my job to create good memories and control their emotions"

Elise Marie Weber


Good news; we can travel to you! We also occasionally have the capacity to take horses in partial and full training.

 I travel in a 20 mile radius from Roanoke, VA and to clinics along the east coast. If you want to set up a visit just click on the contact form. Services include:
  • Multi Discipline Training and Lessons
  • Problem solving behavioral issues
  • Advanced ground work
  • Classical Dressage